Aktieportefølje Follow your stocks on your mobile device
and on web

Get a quick and easy overview of your portfolio's performance and receive an automatic alert when a stockprice falls.



Provides a quick overview of how your stocks have changed in value and how much they have changed in relation to your portfolio.

Today's winners

Top 10 winner and loser stocks.

Selected portions

See how your entire portfolio or a subset of the portfolio has performed in a selected period.

Multiple portfolios

Follow one or more portfolios and maintain an overview across the portfolio.


Receive alerts via push-notifications and emails. Make use of cross-price and trailing stoploss alerts.

Register yields, costs, profits and losses so that they are included in the calculated result.

Web adgang

www.thestockportfolio.com gives access to your portfolio and a quick, clear and simple overview of intraday prices.



People usually keep track of a stock in a period after it's been brought. But in time it may be forgotten, and one day you may discover, that it has dropped and could have been sold with profit three months ago

The Stock portfolio app gives an easy overview of how your portfolio performs. Are there stocks that dosen't perform as you expected them to? Or is it time to collect profit on a stock that has raisen? See it in the app or create alerts that will notify you when a price is crossed.

Using the app

To get full benefit of the app, it's important to use it as intended. In all screens help is available in the upper left corner. Here we'll examine the most important screens.

Portfolio progression

This is the main screen of the app. It shows how the portfolio has developed in the selected period

A portfolio has a base-currency. Amounts are converted to this currency (by using the avarage currency rate on the date). In the example below, base-currency is USD$

* Realized profit/loss from the portfolio account are only shown if 'Include account' is selected in Setup.

Stock details

This screen displays information about a stock and if it's owned; in which portfolio + buy price.

Account (Transactions)

When progression in a portfolio is calculated, it is also nessecary to include realized profit and loss. Therefore it has since version 1.3, been possible to register transactions. Actually this version automatically creates transactions when a stock is brought/sold. As the use of transactions is optional, they are only included in calculations if 'Include account' is selected in Setup.

As opposed to a traditional account statement, where it's only possible to see how much has been drawn/deposited on the account, this also contains info whether it's profit/loss (and therefore affects the result) or if it is a deposit or buy (not included in the result).

Gray transactions (square) does not affect the result. It could for instance be 'deposit in' or buy stock.

Red/green transactions (rounded) affects the result. It could be interest, brokers fee or sale of a stocks.

* Profit and loss are only used to calculating portfolio status if 'Include account' is selected in Settings


Version 2.0

Released on December, 2014
  • New
    It’s become even easier to avoid losses. The Portfolio Monitor will automatically monitor entire portfolios and alert when stocks drop or Golden Death/Golden Cross occurs.
  • New
    Overlay Simple Moving Averages curves on the details graph.
  • New
    See all notifications in the message center or receive them in the daily/weekly status reports.
  • New
    RSI (Relative Strength Index) in stock details.

Version 1.9

Released on August, 2014
  • New
    Get overall status of all portfolios.
  • New
    Ability to add shares in the same company.
  • New
    Recent news on companies.
  • New
    Links to external resources with additional information on each company.
  • New
    Use percent arrow as update-button

Version 1.8.x

Released on June, 2014
  • New
    Now also stocks from Switzerland, the Netherlands and Great Britain
  • Fix

Version 1.7

Released on May, 2014
  • New
    Compare the development in your portfolio with the development in global indices such as Nasdaq, Dax, C20 and more
  • New
    Receive daily/weekly status rapports via push-notifications and mail
  • Fix

Version 1.6.1

Released on February, 2014
  • New
    Show development graph as total of entire portfolio
  • Imp
    Change the currency of an existing portfolio
  • Imp
    Added Aktietorget stocks
  • Fix
    Bugfix: Note on deposit can be edited

Version 1.5

Released on January, 2014
  • New
    Exchange profit / loss are automatically calculated when selling stocks in foreign currency
  • New
    Partial sale of stocks
  • Imp
    Lots of new stocks (S&P500, Firstnorth etc)
  • Fix
    Distribution graph - Stocks in same company are added.
  • Fix

Version 1.4

Released on December, 2013
  • Fix
    Better performance.
  • Imp
    Historical data back to 1. january 2000
  • Imp
    Link from alert to stock

Version 1.3

Released on September 11th, 2013
  • New
    Account - Transactions enables the app to register profit/loss (and other income/expenses). Which can be included when calculating the protfolio progess.
  • Imp
    Improved search - search among all available shares
  • Fix
    Several bugfixes

Version 1.2

Released on May 21th, 2013 (Android)
  • Fix
    Several bugfixes
  • New
    Password protect login
    Share portfolios between devices (Also between IOS/Android)
  • Imp
    Display portfolio progression from a specific date
    Swipe between pages
    New Date selector

Version 1.1

Released on April 9th, 2013
  • FixSetting that allows text-keyboard in decimal-fields (Android Samsung Problem)
    Several bugfixes
  • New
    Foreign stocks
    Currency per portfolio
    Add note to stock
    Add note to portfolio
    Translated to english, swedish, german, (+ danish)

Version 1.0.2

Released on February 10th, 2013
  • Fix Bugfixe Push notifications
  • New Initial release for iOS

Version 1.0.1

Released on January 22nd, 2013
  • New Initial release for Android

Version 1.0.0

Internal version finished on December 18th, 2012
  • New Internal release version


How do I share a portfolio between several devices?

How do I create login + password?

  • Insert your email and password in settings on the device that contains the portfolio you want to share.
  • Insert the same email and password on the other device that needs to get access to the portfolio.
  • Accept that the existing portfolio is overritten.
  • Click 'remember password' or remove password in settings if your don't want to login later

Stock xxx is missing?

  • Here is a list of all available stocks.
  • If you still miss a stock, then contact us

If the same stock has been bought on different dates, they are displayed individually. Isn't it possible to add them and see the avarage change?

    Via Settings "Add stocks from same company".

Why isn't there an update button in the top of the portfolio screen?

    Press the arrow to update.

Why should I use the portfolio account function?

  • The App's goal is to give you an overview of how your portfolio develops over time. It will show you how your stock prices have changed since they were purchased. It will also give you a better picture of your entire portfolio's performance by tracking stock gains, losses, dividends and fees over time. When you sell a particular stock, the app will automatically register the gain or loss you incurred based on the selling price. This and other transactions will be tracked only when "Include Account" is activated in settings

Is it possible to register cash holdings?

  • The portfolio account can be used to track cash holdings (funds in your account) and the end-result (surplus/deficit). By inputting a Transfer order, you can adjust the account balance without changing your end of year results.
    Green/red account postings contribute to the assessment of your portfolio's results, while grey items will only impact the account balance.

Can you register a partial sale of a particular stock?

  • The app does not offer automatic partial sales. At the moment, this would cause problems illustrating such transactions on the graphs and overviews. It is possible to manually register partial sales. You can do this by correcting the original number of shares, and creating a manual transaction that represents a loss or gain. By doing this, the sale will be accounted for in your portfolio's development.


    One stock is purchased on 1 January 2013. 10 shares at 100 USD per share. On 1 June 2013 one sells 5 of these shares for 150 USD per share. This represents an overall gain of 250 USD

    Modify the original registration of the transaction so that one purchases these 5 shares on 1 January. (Use the note option to notate that the original number was 10.)

    Create a new "Sales" transaction under the Account function. Fill it out like this:
    Amount: 750 USD
    Surplus/Deficit: 250 USD
    Number: 5

    Create another transaction that contains the price of the stock.

    Now will the app be able to correctly assess the result in your development overview. (Ensure that "Calculate account" is chosen in the settings and the sale should be seen in your account overview.


Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome.

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